SHOKKI was founded in 2013 as a label for handmade ceramics.
We create tableware, flower pots, and sculptures made of clay following seasonal themes.

SHOKKI は2013年にスタートしたハンドメイドのセラミックレーベル。



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Bread, 2018

DOOKS Mug, 2020

Carp Streamer, 2019

Yellow Plate Set, 2019

Matte Flowervase (study), 2019

Dealer Sign, 2018

Crazy Planter, 2019

Shenzhen Cup, 2017


Music Tool for spring water, 2019

Special Cup (size of standard and kids), 2019

Sculpture or Stand for jewelry by SASKIA DIEZ, 2019

SHOKKI's INN, 2019

Planter painted by Saki Sumida, 2016-2017

Cup with image by Asuka Okajima, 2018

Desktop Sculpture (gold/silver), 2019

Small Work by Iwao Family, 2018

Fancy Dog homage to Hanako Egashira, 2019

Mexican Planter, 2020

Lucky Cat, 2020

Rhyton, 2020

Spring 2019 "GOLD AX '19"
CG animation: Sawano Enami